The initial idea of being able to chat with a phone via my desktop got me all sorts of excited. This ruled for a few reasons but the best part for me was, no third party app or device. Just the desktop client. You don’t have to download shit for phones. Very awesome right?

Nope. Every person (which was a grand total of 7) whom I iMessaged with complained. Why? Because its Apple ID based. And my Apple ID is an email. Where as if I were to message them from my phone, it would just be my name, associated with my phone number. 

"Not a big deal lolz settle down OMG" you might say. But really this issue is big. It does the opposite of simplifie conversation. If this is a person I was texting only moments prior, and I want to move to my desktop client cause say, I’m at work or just at my computer, and I want to continue the conversation, the problem starts. If I ping them from my computer (Apple ID based, remember) then its going to start a whole new thread. Which means we have 2 conversations where there really should only be one. One via my phone number, and now a second via my Apple ID (email). Now all standard text practices (reading above because you got so many ladies texting you ok fine dudes only but still) go out the window and following a conversation now takes you jumping between two threads. 

Not the worst thing to happen in the grand scheme of things, but definitely bad enough for me to give it a fat seal of DISAPPROVAL. 

iMessage for the desktop can holler at me when it decides to use my phone number. Or Apple finds a way to aggregate all transmitted data under my name without a specific com point.

Messing with HD video and some apps. Good times.

HD video, color in AE, edited in iMovie for the iphone, and encoded with my old friend visual hub. Not even that cool but a very successful work flow. Now, I need to do something with this…

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