Jon Augustine . Double Exposure . 


My favourite photo I took whilst in NYC, not bad saying I lost my DSLR charger and had to resort to my iPhone 4 camera

Next on the horizon…

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PicToolsThis app is really what I’ve been looking for. Far more control, in a great UI, than what I’ve seen in a long time, or ever, on an iPhone. 

The presets are cool, but the best part of this app is the S-Curve tool. You can go into any pic and really control the contrast, saturation, hue and the overall feel of the photo. 

It also supports unlimited overlays and opacities. So vignettes and textures and everything else are in your control & the end result is something pretty custom. Below is an example of some of the capabilities. The best part of this is that I can make textures and overlays in photoshop, and then send the png’s to my phone and use them in this app. 

It also has multiple export options so its ready to go with apps like Instagram or Shake It Photo

The borders/frames feature is great as well and has plenty to choose from, and offers some basic comstumization.



Check it out. Pick it up for $1.99 and get to editing!

Cinema. At its finest. 

Pretty stoked on this. Very affordable and super small. I was thinking about an Owle but honestly the saturation is pretty bad and the vignetting is uncontrollable. This will be a little less sharp of a picture but will make up for it in the portability and the ease of use. Plus its just for fun, so $69 makes more sense than $170-$250. I already have my glif ( so this is a match made in heaven!

Probably order one next week, when it looks like they will be all caught up with shipping!

Check them out here:
And you can order your glif here:

If anyone gets these, or has other iPhone lenses they use, upload an image and let me see! Thanks!